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RugGear presents the rugged RG170 mobile phone

by Jennie Ward

RugGear has introduced its RG170 rugged 4G smartphone for use in extreme working conditions on-site.

The phone has a push-to-talk function and enabled encrypted and tap-proof communication for safety-critical work.

It weighs just 197 grams, and comes with strict 2.4” capacitive RGB display that is IP69 standard certified and protected against high-pressure and steam jets. It is also protected against liquids, dust, oil mist, vibrations, shocks, and can even withstand a fall of 1.5 metres onto concrete.

The sensitive microphone and powerful 103dB loudspeaker ensures smooth and understandable communication. There is also a freely assignable SOS button, which can be used to make emergency calls.

The extra large keyboard is easy to operate, even with dirty hands or gloves. 4G connectivity and WiFi means it is always ready to use, and comes with two battery options so that it lasts longer between charges.

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