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Safesite secures Jonesco roof

by Jennie Ward

Safesite has provided Jonesco (Preston) Ltd with a collective fall protection system that ensures maintenance teams accessing the rooftop are separated from hazards and all potential fall risks.

Jonesco (Preston) is a family-run manufacturing company providing reliable and durable rotational moulded solutions to more than 60 countries. The main roof on its Preston HQ is a corrugated sheet roof that featured exposed skylights. Wanting to protect the maintenance team and outside contractors when working on the roof, the company contacted Safesite, a supplier of fall protection solutions, to conduct a site visit and survey.

Following the visit, Safesite proposed a protection system comprising of Kee Cover, KeeGuard Topfix and a KeeLine system, to be installed on every roof apex, allowing for the easy removal and cleaning of roof fans. Included in the scheme was a riveted KDH3 around the roof access hatch, safe systems training and personal protection equipment (PPE) for use with the KeeLine system when lifting fans out for replacement.

“We can now rest assured that there is a safe and secure roof for maintenance to be carried out,” said Rob Mayor, QHSE Manager at Jonesco (Preston) Ltd. “Whether it be our own staff or outside contractors, they are able to avoid any potential risks when working on the roof area. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Safesite again after experiencing first-hand their great service and products.”

The KeeLine horizontal lifeline system provides continual, hands-free protection for up to three users when used as a fall arrest system.  The system is designed so that the traveller which connects the user to the systems simply glides over the system’s brackets, overcoming the need to detach from the system. KeeLine also incorporates a Progressive Absorbing System.  If the user falls, the shock absorbers, intermediate brackets and support posts will deploy and deform so that the loadings applied to the building’s structure is below 10Kn.

KeeGuard Topfix comprises a base plate with multiple fixing centres, which is fixed directly on to the profile sheeting by rivets or non-penetrative two-part clamps and butyl sealing strip to maintain the roof’s integrity. This plate design allows the system to be fitted to a wide range of profile sheet centres and provides a support for the vertical standard leg that can be adjusted from 0° to 11°. The horizontal rails are fitted to the open saddle fittings to provide a collective fall protection solution. It has been tested to EN 13374: Temporary Edge Protection Systems – Product Specification Test Methods and has been given a Class A Pass.

The Kee Cover range of roof light protection provides an effective solution for protecting roof lights and skylights without blocking the light into the building. Kee Cover is available in two formats; one where the cover is virtually flat to the roof surface, and one which is mounted on small legs to raise it above the roof light or skylight.  This provides a greater distance between the mesh panel and the roof light so that the roof light is not damaged in the event of a fall.


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