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Sika expands its offering with Sarnafil AT launch 

by Jennie Ward

The new hybrid roofing membrane with market-leading sustainability credentials is now available in the UK.

After a successful roll-out in Europe, Sika has launched its revolutionary Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified Sarnafil Advanced Technology (Sarnafil AT) in the UK.

A hybrid technology
Combining the benefits of two technologies – FPO and elastomer – into one hybrid model, Sika says it has designed a sustainable single-ply roofing membrane that is exceptionally durable, dynamic and easy to apply. The company says Sarnafil AT has the best attributes of a membrane based on flexible polyolefins (FPO), but with internal fabric reinforcement and fully weldable backing in accordance with EN 13956. 

Sika says Sarnafil AT is highly resistant to common ailments faced by roofing membranes, including:

  • Wind uplift
  • UV exposure
  • All common environmental influences
  • Root penetration
  • Mechanical influences

The company points out users can expect a high-level performance from the membrane long-term, as one of Sarnafil AT’s strongest attributes is its durability, which Sika says is maximised by a potential thickness of up to 2.5mm, and it has been QUV tested for long-term service, and showcases a level of durability that will last for decades.

Quick application and ease of use
Sika says Sarnafil AT promises an ease of application that prioritises speed without compromising on quality. Being hot air weldable and highly flexible, Sika says the membrane is quicker and safer to install than many other single-ply roofing membranes on the market; making it ideal for jobs that need a quick turnaround. The manufacturer points out it has a seam collapse test value of more than three times that of an EPDM – which means users can achieve a seamless, long-lasting watertight end-product with a hot air weld, and with self adhesive upstands, Sika says there is also no need for any chemical products like solvents on the roof.

Combating the tricky, unpredictable factor of weather and temperatures, Sika says Sarnafil AT is also highly dimensionally stable, and can withstand large swings in membrane surface temperature without issue. 

Paul Röthlin, the Roofing System Installation Supervisor at Leister Technologies AG, found that “we measured membrane surface temperature changes of up to 80°C between day-time highs and night-time lows, and no wrinkling was visible on Sarnafil AT​.” 

Despite Sarnafil AT being a new product, Sika says care has been taken to ensure that it is compatible with all existing Sika roof waterproofing technologies, and has a wide range of accessories that can therefore be used in conjunction with the membrane. On top of its useful compatibility features, Sika says users can also expect a smoother installation process with the membrane’s high resistance to impact damage, reducing the risk of punctures which can drastically slow down the work. 

Sika also points out that Sarnafil AT gives users the freedom to adapt quickly to tricky detailing on the roof, with the flexibility to change the design to suit different project demands.

Market-leading sustainability
Sika is proud to announce that Sarnafil Advanced Technology is the first UK roofing membrane to be awarded the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification. The company says the membrane had to undergo rigorous testing to prove its sustainability credentials – from chemical components to water usage – but thanks to the innovation and determination of the Sika team, it met the required standards to receive a Silver accreditation. 

The manufacturer points out that sustainability is growing in importance in the roofing industry, with both manufacturers and potential clients; for companies like Google, sustainability is a requirement in materials used on site, not a request, and with this in mind,  the Sarnafil AT membrane surpasses all expectations of sustainability in the current market.

Sika says the combination of pioneering hybrid technology with unmatched sustainability credentials and ease of use, ensure Sarnafil AT is an innovative new product promising a greener future for the industry.


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