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by Jennie Ward

With their impressive ability to make clean and precise angled cuts through materials such as wood, laminate and metal, mitre saws represent an essential tool for the sector. However, to ensure the safe and effective operation of these systems, professionals should consider investing in a high-quality mitre saw stand, says Lyndsey Bailey, Assistant Product Manager at Makita UK. Below, Lyndsey discusses the benefits of using a stand and the key features of Makita’s recently launched WST07 Mitre Saw Stand.

A mitre saw stand not only enables roofing professionals to use mitre saws efficiently and as intended, but also reduces the risk of serious injuries, which could disrupt on-site progress and delay projects. As such, it’s imperative to choose a mitre saw stand that offers the flexibility, quality and reliability to ensure accurate and stable cutting.

Look for design features that improve efficiency whilst supporting the demands of a wide range of cutting jobs. The WST07 Mitre Saw Stand includes new and updated features to make the stand easy to use, in particular the inclusion of tool-less adjustable mitre saw bracket levers. This enables operators to effortlessly install, adjust and remove the saw from the stand and the addition of a sliding rail feature means that users can easily position their mitre saw at the desired angle. Furthermore, to cut long pieces of material with better accuracy, the WST07 can be extended up to 3,830mm, and the product incorporates left and right adjustable extension arms for additional support. With this useful surface area, professionals are afforded even greater scope and efficiency with the materials they are cutting.

The WST07 Mitre Saw Stand is said to be ultra-portable and can be easily loaded into the back of a small van.

For ease of transportation and storage, consider products manufactured with materials that provide lightweight options that also offer the stability and strength to support large and heavy materials. The aluminium WST07 Mitre Saw Stand is ultra-portable and can be easily loaded into the back of a small van and is fitted with a one-handed carrying handle to make on-site transport even easier. The inclusion of castors allows operators to effortlessly move the saw stand, even when a mitre saw is mounted, for quick portability. Once fully folded away, the unit is only 1.7 metres long and weighs just 18kg without compromise on durability and robustness – the solution can support larger machines, with a maximum load capacity of 225kg.

For extended versatility, select a model that is compatible with a wide range of mitre saws as the perfect companion to support a broad range of tasks. The WST07 Mitre Saw Stand can work with slide compound saws, mitre saws, cordless slide compound saws and cordless mitre saws, including Makita’s brushless 18Vx2 Slide Compound Mitre Saw 260mm LXT.
For professionals, a mitre saw stand represents an ideal investment to help make light work of arduous cutting tasks. What’s more, using a mitre saw stand increases user comfort, by working at the correct height to keep users in a safer and more stable upright position while they cut. This is particularly beneficial when working on long projects by removing the need to bend over to make cuts in awkward positions, the stand helps to save unnecessary stress on the knees and the spine as well as saving time cut after cut.

By choosing a model that offers a wide capacity for different material sizes and weights, as well as the portability to move to and from, and around the job site, a mitre saw stand could be the difference in helping roofing professionals to take on more work, more comfortably.


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