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Students benefit from Sika’s Tramex Meter demo

by Jennie Ward

The manufacturer visited Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University to showcase the ‘cutting edge moisture detection technology’ to the university’s building surveyor students.

In a bid to help foster learning among the next generation of building surveyors, Sika Roofing recently visited students from Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University (RGU)’s Building Surveying BSc (Hons) course to demonstrate Tramex Meters, the world’s first non-invasive moisture detectors.

Showcasing how manufacturers are using more technologically advanced ways of surveying a roof, Sika’s Richard Aldred, UK Roofing Market Manager, and Adam Hussain, Area Technical Manager – West Scotland, ran a practical demo on the equipment on one of the University’s flat roofs. 

Used for detecting, tracing and measuring moisture in the building envelope, Sika has been utilising the technology to identify compromised areas of a roof build-up since summer 2021. 

Sika’s Richard Aldred, UK Roofing Market Manager, discussing how manufacturers are using more technologically advanced ways of surveying a roof.

“As technology improvements occur, it’s important to us at Sika that we are making the best use of it to reduce risk and add value for our customers,” Richard explained. “Tramex allows us to speed up the survey process on refurbishment projects and also gain a better overall picture of the roof build up we have been asked to survey.”

Sika says while traditional core sampling is still required with Tramex to gain a ‘base reading’ for the machine to work to, the moisture detectors are able to reduce the number of core samples required and provide an image showing areas of moisture within the roof. 

The manufacturer says the equipment’s main benefit is risk reduction and previously, manual core sampling was required to not only understand a roof construction, but also its current condition, which affects refurbishment options. 

“It’s possible that a survey core sample could show an entirely different result one metre away from the core site. Tramex is a fantastic technology that solves that issue and I’m keen that future building surveyors are aware of this,” explained Richard, who studied his Master’s Degree at RGU and has remained in contact with the course leader Mike Dignan ever since. 

RGU’s Building Surveying BSc (Hons) course aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of how to manage, maintain and adapt buildings to ensure the continued use of built environment assets. In particular, it focuses on teaching a deep understanding of how buildings function by developing detailed knowledge of construction technology and building pathology.

“Every year I visit the uni and do a free-of-charge exercise with the students that are on the course – purely to try and help the next generation of building surveyors,” Richard added.

Sika says as feedback from the students was especially positive following the Tramex demo, with many enjoying the opportunity for hands-on experience with the equipment, Sika Roofing looks set to organise similar visits at other universities next year, while continuing the great relationship with RGU. 

If you’d like to find out more, visit www.sika.co.uk/roofing, call 01707 394444 or email enquiries@uk.sika.com.

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