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Temple Farm development chooses Eco Green Roof

by Matt Downs

The Temple Farm site In Chelmsford has had a high-quality green roof installed by leading supplier, Eco Green Roofs.

Spread across an 85-acre rural site, the development comprises offices, residential and healthcare buildings, and an Energy Centre. Built on the site of a former scrapyard, the building will be used as the national headquarters for the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain.

Working in partnership with the client and closely collaborating with roofing contractor, Contour Roofing (Essex), Eco Green Roofs installed a biodiverse green roofing system designed to improve the building’s performance and aesthetic.

Historically, the Temple Farm site was of significant environmental importance to the local area. Until 2010, the site was classified as Green Belt land and featured a number of valuable ecological assets, including ancient hedgerows and veteran trees. The project team wanted the site to retain some of this former character, which was a driving force behind the specification of a green roof.

The bio-diverse green roofing solution was installed above the residential blocks of the development. The eye-catching green roof was specifically designed to boost levels of flora and fauna in the local area. What’s more, the roof contributes improved drainage with better mitigation of storm-water runoff which, alongside waterproofing systems and excellent installation, helped achieve the project’s ‘Outstanding’ BREEAM rating and a 0.10 U-value.

Eco Green Roofs’ roofing solution was manufactured from a number of sustainable materials. Initially, a protection fleece was laid with a drainage board and filter fleece placed on top. Next, the substrate was created, which contained low levels of nutrients designed to keep the plants performing effectively all year round. Additional layers were added to help filter water out, with a drainage layer then added to complement the roof build-up. Finally, a root barrier was used to separate the green roof system from the roofing membranes.

Jonathon Woods, Managing Director of Contour Roofing (Essex), says: “This has been the most challenging project that I’ve ever been involved with, but it’s also been the most rewarding. I’d like to thank everyone who was involved for helping us achieve all the relevant standards and requirements. This extends to the work of Eco Green Roofs, who have supplied a roofing solution that boast excellent workmanship, clever design revisions and outstanding environmental credentials.”

Keith Hills, Managing Director of Eco Green Roofs, adds: “This has been a great project to have been involved with and I’m delighted with the results we’ve helped deliver at the site. We had two main ambitions on this project. For one, we wanted to help the local area regain some of its former ecological glory. The new green roof has helped us to do this and has also improved functionality on the building. What’s more, we wanted to use the project as an example of high-standard health and safety procedures in action. By limiting the use of knives on site and ensuring those installing the roof were always kept safe, we have helped to ensure the project was delivered without incident or injury.”

Thanks to the green roof, the site has had a net gain in ecological biodiversity achieved through the implementation of an Ecology Strategy and Landscape & Ecological Management Plan.

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