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The true cost of tool theft to the trade

by Matt Downs

The survey found it can cost tradespeople up to £5,000 to replace the tools stolen from them, as well as losing up to two days of vital earnings, impacting both their professional and personal lives.

Almost half (46%) of those who responded to the survey said they have had tools stolen, with 39% saying they’ve had them stolen at least twice.

When it comes to protecting their tools, most tradespeople said they take measures to keep their tools safe, with the most popular being ‘removing tools from the van overnight’ (26%) and ‘installing CCTV’ (18%).

There was also a strong feeling reflected by 56% of tradespeople that more should be done to help protect tradespeople’s tools and vans.

Screwfix is currently working with local authorities to host tool marking events across its 630 stores to help prevent tool theft, driving awareness and providing tips to prevent future thefts.
Screwfix has also added the Milwaukee ONE-KEY to its range. ONE-KEY is a digital platform that has been integrated into several premium products and enables you to easily pinpoint missing tools quickly. The tool can be remotely locked while in range of the ONE-KEY app, making it unusable even if taken out of range.

Screwfix’s survey showed that 60% of tradespeople would be interested in buying power tools with this type of functionality installed.


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