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Tool transportation on site – a solution that stacks up…

by Jennie Ward

When tool belts are packed full to the brim, it’s time to invest in a toolbox that can store, organise and transport your tools, explains Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita UK. In his latest article, Kevin discusses the company’s Makpac tool storage system, and the considerations roofers should apply when selecting the right solution.

A common complaint on site is the frustration of misplaced tools – and when working at height, organisation is key. You could perhaps then say roofers are therefore more meticulous when it comes to ensuring there is a place for everything – requiring methodically organised tools and accessories, safe in the knowledge that everything is to hand, when needed.

With no individual the same, structure and organisation to one person can mean chaos to another. And the same applies to individual tool preferences and storage systems. As such, tool storage that offers customisation and flexibility is ideal for those working in the sector. However, traditional toolboxes often vary in size and shape, making them difficult to store, manage and transport.

Tough tool cases
Makita’s Makpac Connector Cases are the perfect solution to overcome these challenges. These tough tool cases utilise a modular design which means they can be used as an individual storage unit, or where further space is needed for more tools, more cases can be added to the collection. Each unit is designed to safely and conveniently stack on top of each other with connecting locking latches to secure the lid shut and link multiple cases together. Corresponding channels along the lid and base of each case help to further prevent the cases from shifting while stacked.

For users, it’s imperative to choose a solution that will easily fit everyday tools and fixings inside. The Macpak range is available in four different size units, each with the same footprint, that hold a wide range of different tools. This enables tradespeople to select the right fit for their requirements, whilst futureproofing a neat ‘family’ system, as their kit expands or needs change. The Makpac interlocking latches make it easy to connect and transport multiple Makpac cases, as well as making it safer and sturdier to stack and store. 

It’s also important to opt for a storage solution that can protect your everyday tools and equipment. Job sites (and even the back of vans!) can be a tough environment, so without the proper protection, stored tools are at risk of damage and this in turn can lead to disrupted work. 

The Makpac range, with a reinforced lid designed to provide additional strength and durability, is supported by an extensive collection of removable inlays, trays and dividers to house everything from tools, accessories, fasteners and hardware, as well as custom moulded foam inserts for individual tools, batteries and chargers. With these in place, tradespeople can benefit from a strong and rigid hold, keeping tools organised and tidy from job to job, as well as offering the ability to customise the layout.

Tool transportation 
Portability is a key feature of any toolbox. The Makpac cases all feature a low-profile, rounded carrying handle and recessed side handles for convenient lifting. The range is also supported with additional transportation solutions, such as a dedicated wheeled trolley with securing belt, and a manoeuvrable Makpac platform on four swivel wheels – two of which are lockable. 

Keeping your tools organised is one way to help improve on site efficiency. The durable, versatile and high-performing Makpac range not only delivers in terms of premium build quality, but with its ingenious connection latches and modular design, the system can be continually added to until it’s perfect for each individual owner, offering the ideal solution to efficiently organise and transport an ever increasing stable of power tools.


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