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Trousers that perform when stretched on site

by Jennie Ward

Snickers Workwear’s new ALLROUNDWork 4-Way Stretch Trousers provide maximum mobility for tradespeople on site.

Hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs in the new multi-purpose ALLROUNDWork 4-Way Stretch Trousers from Snickers Workwear ensure maximum working mobility wherever you are on site.

The 4-way stretch fabrics integrated into these work trousers deliver maximum freedom of movement for all kinds of work all year round, as well as improved ventilation and overall comfort. 

With great fit and superb value for money, they have a slimmer tailored fit for better all-round looks and protection against snagging, plus reinforced stretch Cordura in the certified KneeGuard System for greater flexibility, comfort and durability. They’re specially designed to take the new D30 ERGO Craftsman Kneepad.

Check out all the Stretch Garments from Snickers Workwear – the optimal choice for craftsmen and women who need to get every job done comfortably and efficiently on site. 


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