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TRUMPF machines provide a stroke of Genius for facade manufacturer

by Jennie Ward

Genius Facades has invested in a new TRUMPF punching machine and press brake, which has increased both its in-house capability and production rate.

Investment in a new TRUMPF punching machine and press brake is helping Wolverhampton-based Genius Facades, a leading manufacturer of non-combustible metal rain-screen façade systems, to increase both its in-house capability and production rate. 

The cladding systems manufactured by Genius Facades have evolved following years of research and development by industry specialists aiming to produce fire-safe contemporary facades. Every façade produced by the company is either for incorporation into new-build projects or for seamless retrofit to enhance existing buildings.

“We needed to invest because we had a specific project involving perforated parts that could only be punched, not laser-cut,” explained Genius Facades’ Richard Bland. “In addition, an ever-increasing work load required us to implement higher levels of automation in our manufacturing processes.” 

The answer to the company’s challenges arrived in the form of a TRUMPF TruPunch 5000R XL and a TruBend 5170, and according to Richard Bland, TRUMPF was the obvious choice.  

The TruPunch 5000 series is said to set new standards in productivity, process reliability and flexibility. Backlash-free drives enable the highest axis acceleration, while the fast rotational speed of the C axis enables extremely rapid tapping and productive processing of complex contours. Thanks to a powerful hydraulic drive, Genius Facades can punch at up to 1600 strokes per minute on its XL large format model (4000 x 1650 mm).

The TRUMPF TruBend 5170.

Joining the TruPunch 5000R XL at Genius Facades is a new TRUMPF TruBend 5170. Able to maximise bending productivity, TRUMPF says the TruBend series has innovative features such as lower tool displacement and a 6-axis back-gauge, providing users with complete production freedom. Operation is said to be easy thanks to a control concept that is ‘revolutionary in its simplicity and intuitive use’. The TruBend 5170 offers a press force of 1700 kN across its 4000 mm bending length.

TRUMPF says numerous factors influence angle precision when bending, such as fluctuating material strengths or spring back, but as the Genius Facades’ TruBend is equipped with two automatic and complementary angle measuring systems – ACB Laser and ACB Wireless – such factors will not compromise the quality of its work. The company says the systems continuously sense and record the actual angle and spring back and control the press beam so the desired angle is bent, quickly and precisely.

“TRUMPF machinery has been an integral part of realising and increasing our manufacturing capability for many years,” explained Richard Bland. “First and foremost, we selected TRUMPF again because of their reputation and our previous experience working with their products and expertise. TRUMPF provides reliability; we have a 21 year-old punching machine which is still fully operational – that speaks for itself.”

He concluded: “The quality of TRUMPF machinery has allowed us to expand our manufacturing capability and production rate, and TRUMPF’s aftersales service has ensured we successfully overcame any small issues that arose.”


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