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Type ’S’ for success

by Jennie Ward

Sika supplied its rapid-apply waterproof roof solution for a new medical and dental centre used to treat the next generation of UK fighter pilots.

An MOD base in Wales, which is home to service personnel as well as providing a finishing school for up-and-coming fighter pilots, is a centre of excellence for the training of aircrew to carry out mountain and maritime rescue operations throughout the world. 

It’s also home to the Mountain Rescue Service, the military’s only high-readiness, all-weather search and rescue, aircraft post-crash management facility. For the building of an on-site medical and dental centre, the roof’s watertightness was a priority in order to protect the structure’s exposed interior. 

Sika-Trocal’s Type ‘S’ system, as well as being simple to apply, guarantees a watertight performance across roofs regardless of size or complexity. This dual benefit led to its specification for the project. Main contractor Galliford Try was selected to construct the medical and dental centre on behalf of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.

The roof’s installation was carried out by single ply specialist Redwither Ltd, who are a vastly experienced Sika-Trocal Installer, with work beginning in September 2018. The 2mm-thick, mechanically-fastened Sika-Trocal Type ‘S’ membrane was affixed to the roof’s decking across a 200m2 roofing area. 

Renowned for its flexibility and the ease with which it accommodates intricate roofing details, as well as its superb durability and watertight properties, the homogenous single-ply Type ‘S’ system carries a 25-year product guarantee as proof of its long-term quality.

Rob Deakin, at Galliford Try, said: “This was an extremely high-profile project, hence a proven, rapid-apply waterproof solution was required. The Type ‘S’ system lived up to our every expectation. The roofing element of the project was completed to the highest specification and within the client’s strict time constraints.”

Thanks to the Type ‘S’ system’s all-round capability, the vital new medical and dental facility at the MOD base will help maintain the health and wellbeing of the site’s service personnel for many years to come.  


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