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Valcan launches non-combustible cladding systems 

Aluminium cladding is a popular choice for modern buildings due to its durability, lightweight properties, and versatility during fabrication and over the past year, Valcan, a leading supplier of cladding materials, have been working to ensure that the newest additions to their Aluminium Cladding range are tested for fire safety, compliance, and quality. By prioritising safety and quality, Valcan aims to provide architects, designers, and builders with reliable and high-performance cladding solutions for their projects. 

New innovative cladding products in the Aluminium range include new Xtral – an interlocking façade system and Solid Safe – a precoated aluminium facade system. 

In March, Valcan launched the first of these new products, Xtral, which offers a wide range of interlocking facade options that provide design flexibility. Not only is the system versatile, it is also environmentally friendly as the planks are 100% recyclable. 

Additionally, Xtral meets European Directive standards for non-combustibility, making it a safe and reliable choice for any project, with pre-finished painted non-combustible options also available. With the new Xtral Aluminium Plank System, you can create a modern and sustainable facade that meets design and safety requirements. 

Recently launched SolidSafe, innovative cladding systems which provide various installation options, including shadow and secret fix cassette, spandrel and shingle systems and interlocking planks. SolidSafe has been designed to meet industry compliance standards, offering an A1 non-combustible solution for aluminium facades. Its solid aluminium construction ensures exceptional durability and high impact resistance. 

The new system also features the Durable Prosafeco coating, providing flexibility for the panels to be folded, reducing the risk of crazing on extreme folds. Additionally, there is a choice of a range of finishes, including matt, satin, or gloss effects. 

These new cladding systems have expanded Valcan’s range of aluminium panels, which also include their core product VitraDual, an A1 rated, non-combustible solid aluminium rainscreen cladding and VitraFix, a modular and high-quality subframe system which provides unparalleled safety and support for their rainscreen cladding panels. 

Alan Lamming, Director at Valcan, said: “It has been a busy start to the year for the Valcan team and our partners, with everyone working hard to ensure the successful launch of these new products into the construction market. Our comprehensive range of non-combustible aluminium cladding systems and solutions have been developed with input from experts in the field, as well as continually undergoing thorough testing to ensure they meet the latest safety and quality standards.” 

Alan continued: “These two new offerings will not only provide more choice and peace of mind for clients, insurers, architects, and contractors, but also help to raise the bar for safety in the industry. We are excited to see the positive impact these products will have on projects in the near future and are committed to continuing to innovate and improve our product offerings.” 


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