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Waterproof working with new workwear

by Matt Downs

Snickers Workwear’s new AllroundWork jackets have been designed to bring comfort and protection to professional tadespeople throughout the autumn and winter months.

The range offers a selection of water-repellent jackets, providing basic protection during light showers with breathability to ventilate your body if you are active on site for short periods.

For 100% rain protection during long periods on site, Snickers’ GORE-TEX jackets and trousers are extremely durable, with a membrane offering more than 1.4 billion pores per square cm. They’re 100% waterproof to keep tradespeople dry, windproof and breathable for day-long comfort.

The range offers a number of designs, styles and extensive size options so tradespeople can always choose the right jacket for the job. There is also a great range of winter vests and bodywarmers, as well as a body mapping micro fleece.

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