Home News “We are committed to taking on talented, ambitious apprentices and helping them to thrive in their careers”

“We are committed to taking on talented, ambitious apprentices and helping them to thrive in their careers”

by Jennie Ward

Russell Roof Tiles has taken on three new apprentices and believes attracting young talent into the sector is crucial to overcome the skills challenges in manufacturing and on site.

Russell Roof Tiles, a leading roof tile manufacturer, believes attracting young people into the industry is essential to tackle the current skills shortages within the sector.

The manufacturer says it has always been passionate about encouraging younger individuals to pursue a career in engineering and supporting and investing in apprentices through training to help them develop their career is at the core of the manufacturer’s company values.

With this in mind, Otto Mathiesen is Maintenance Manager at the firm’s Burton on Trent concrete site and has recruited three young talented individuals to join his team.

Liam Harrison, Shaun Large and Zane Poulton, all aged 16-17, have joined the Russell Roof Tiles team as Maintenance Apprentices, working in the Maintenance department where they have been learning all about the world of engineering and getting to grips with machine learning.

Otto commented: “I am excited to have Liam, Shaun and Zane join the team and to be able to support them in their careers. They are incredibly hard-working, ambitious and are dedicated to learning as much as they can, which makes me so proud of them already. It is wonderful to see them all settling in so well and gives me a real buzz. I’m hopeful we can support the trio to become future engineers at the company.”

Having started his own career as an apprentice, Otto would encourage others to follow in his steps and think about starting their career in engineering with an apprenticeship.

“I’d encourage young people to think about apprenticeships as it’s a fantastic way to get real hands-on experience in the industry. I am delighted that Russell Roof Tiles is leading the way in the drive for younger talent in the sector. They are ultimately the future and also a great way to begin tackling the skills shortage gap the industry is facing.”

Zane Poulton, one of the apprentices, said: “I am really enjoying working at Russell Roof Tiles and learning from Otto and the rest of the team. Otto is a great teacher and the support from the entire team has been incredible.”

Shaun Large also added: “Doing an apprenticeship with Russell Roof Tiles is great. I am learning as well as getting hands-on experience which I am really enjoying.”

Liam Harrison echoed: “I am really glad I chose to go into engineering and particularly through an apprenticeship with Russell Roof Tiles. I am constantly learning and being challenged and engaged – it’s great.”

Andrew Hayward, Managing Director at Russell Roof Tiles, said: “We are committed to taking on talented, ambitious apprentices and helping them to thrive in their careers. We are so pleased that we can support Zane, Liam and Shaun in their journey in the industry, and are equally eager and always want to hear from anyone interested in a career in manufacturing.”

To find out more about joining Russell Roof Tiles and apprenticeships click here.

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