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Which membrane is best for your project?

The experts at Don & Low discuss the crucial role of roofing membranes as well as the benefits of their comprehensive offering, explaining that “when the work of skilled roofers gets combined with the right roofing underlay, you have nothing to worry about…”

Roofing membranes may not be immediately visible, especially once a roof is finished, yet their significance cannot be denied. 

They’re destined to remain hidden under the surface, serving as a secondary line of defence against the elements. Think of your roof tiles as trustworthy armour; they keep the weather out most of the time, but they aren’t bulletproof. For example, houses are vulnerable to structural deterioration, mould growth and interior damage caused by wind-borne rainwater that seeps into tile cracks and crevices. But when the work of skilled roofers gets combined with the right roofing underlay, you have nothing to worry about.

Roofing membranes’ uses are obviously not limited to keeping water out. In addition to improving a structure’s energy efficiency, they serve as an extra barrier against wind and snow, and some even provide enhanced breathability and UV protection, among other features. But which membrane is best for your roof? Let’s look at what we can offer at Don & Low, as a UK-based vertically integrated manufacturer who invented Roofshield and has been producing it since 1996…

Roofshield was the first air and vapour permeable roofing underlay to hit the market and has earned almost 30 years of trust through continuous use and rigorous testing. Roofshield provides a superior secondary barrier for roofs to protect against the ingress of rain, wind and snow. In practice, this innovative and versatile membrane allows the passage of moisture and significantly reduces the incidence of interstitial condensation in pitched roofs. Eliminating the need for roof space ventilation in cold- and warm-pitched roofs, Roofshield has revolutionised the industry. As a testament to its consistent performance and reliability, Roofshield is certified by the BBA and NSAI. 

The RoofTX range of vapour-permeable, air barrier roofing membranes is precisely engineered to enable the passage of moisture while effectively resisting air penetration. Competitively priced but without sacrificing quality or performance, the range comprises six distinct products, each differing in weight and design, catering to diverse roofing requirements across the UK. It’s also well-suited for fully supported or unsupported cold and warm systems. Offering a lightweight alternative to traditional bituminous felts with excellent flexibility even at low temperatures, the RoofTX family is certified by the UK BBA and the NSAI for the Irish market.

MultiTX is a high vapour resistance, air and liquid barrier roofing underlay that offers a modern, cost-effective, and lightweight alternative to traditional high vapour resistance underlays, such as bituminous based felts. The BBA-certified MultiTX is designed for use in conventional ventilated pitched roof construction of both cold and warm roofs. It’s durable, easy to cut and install, and offers excellent temporary protection against the elements. Suitable for a variety of wind zones and applications, MultiTX is now available in 116-gram MultiTX Plus, 145-gram MultiTX Pro and 190-gram MultiTX Maxi versions. MultiTX Solar, designed specifically for integrated solar roofs, completes the family. With MultiTX, you can be confident that you’re making a smart financial decision without compromising on quality or performance.

Don & Low has produced nonwovens in the UK for over 35 years and has over 230 years of combined experience in technical textiles. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its end-to-end product development process, from concept and design to sourcing raw materials, sampling and final production. With modern on-site test facilities and rigorous in-process testing, Don & Low is the reliable partner for those who build for the future.

For more information about Don & Low’s roofing membrane family, call 0808 169 4444, email membranes@donlow.co.uk or visit www.donlow.co.uk

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