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Workwear choice can help protect against UV harm

Snickers Workwear’s range of clothes and accessories will help you stay smart, cool and protected this summer on site.

Professional tradesmen and women in the UK often assume our climate is not hot or sunny enough to cause harm.

But the team at Snickers Workwear point out that even on overcast days there can be enough UV radiation to damage skin.

That’s why Snickers Workwear’s working clothes and accessories for combine superior comfort and protection for working on site in the summer months.

There’s new Sun Protection Caps, Shirts, Shorts, Trousers, and Jackets that deliver enhanced freedom of movement and ventilation, plus lightweight workwear that combines all the features of high-performance sportswear.

With 37.5 fabric technology, it’s quick-drying and functional as well providing UPF 40+ sun protection. It’s also longer lasting and more sustainable than other comparable workwear.

So, as we all become more aware of the dangers of over exposure to UV, choose Snickers Workwear’s working clothes for summer – the sensible choice for personal wellbeing and working efficiency.


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